Crawfish Festival

Yummy!Crawfish Festival
Brings Magic Out Of Its Shell

Beer Garden Boiling Over With Excitement

Atlanta, GA

The annual Crawfish Festival attracts people from all around the Atlanta area for a day of fun, food, music, and this year – magic.   VIP retailers were treated to an unexpected surprise when they visited Atlanta Beverage’s hospitality beer garden.

Retailers had an enjoyable time as they witnessed the A-B Master Illusionist move Mich Ultra bottles with his mind and spectators watches were stolen right off their wrists!


Every VIP retailer who visited the beer garden was given a private magic performance. Rick always works with a local wholesaler representative so they can identify these key attendees. This enables Rick to stay focused on important guests and make sure they are treated to some good ol’ Anheuser-Busch hospitality. This amazing gesture goes a long way in maintaining long-term retailer relationships.

Rick was also able to sneak away (he’s a magician…it’s not hard for him to do that) and perform for festival attendees outside of the beer garden. Consumers enjoyed Rick’s magic as they chowed-down crawfish along with a cold Michelob Ultra Amber. The strolling magic was very well received and allowed our brands to be promoted in a memorable way.


Beer gardens offer you an enormous opportunity to utilize the A-B Master Illusionist Program. It creates buzz for our brands, generates local media opportunities, and allows you to leverage a fair or festival to the retailer level.

For more information about these types of appearances, check out Fairs & Festivals in the Services area on this site. Also, Magic Sells Beer – Fairs & Festivals has lots of useful information on this topic.

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