NASCAR – Texas Style

bud-racingNASCAR Magic – Texas Style

Three Days Of Magic, Selling & Fun

Dallas, TX

Once again, Rick Gerber roared in for another NASCAR race weekend.  Ben E. Keith Distibuting took full advantage of this opportunity and planed three solid days of appearances designed for speed, exposure and taking the checkered flag.

img_3873_2The first two days had Rick ahead in the time trials by visiting several off-premise accounts where retailers loved the promotion and Budweiser consumers were pleasantly surprised. In larger accounts, PA announcements were made to promote Budweiser’s race weekend special packaging and pricing.  These appearances revved-up both sales and consumer connections for the Bud brand.

As you watch Rick Gerber perform, you can’t help but notice his uncanny ability to relate to everyone – from VIP executives to the average Joe Bud on the street, Rick consistently breaks down all barriers and is able to connect with everyone he meets. Rick Gerber, Budweiser and NASCAR – it’s a winning combination.

     Barry Green – VP, Ben E. Keith.

Racing into the evening, Rick put the happy into Happy Hour by appearing at several on-premise accounts.  Devoted NASCAR fans were excited that Budweiser was in the house.  Consumers and retailers joined in the fun as Rick skillfully took the straights and turns around the bars, bowling centers and restaurants.

img_3881img_3927img_3906Budweiser’s in the house – Bars, bowling centers & restaurant trade calls

At the track, Ben E. Keith set up retailer hospitality Texas style!  The event was huge as Rick put the pedal to the medal and performed his magic at each table.  Retailers had a blast while laughing and enjoying the race atmosphere.

img_40111img_3996img_4004_31Entertaining guests under the big red Budweiser tent

Local NRS Key Account Managers made a point to have Rick spend extra time with their VIP guests.  This was a perfect way to help maintain positive and long lasting relationships with these important retailers.

On race days Rick went campsite hopping.  Anyone that has attended a NASCAR race knows that’s where you find our true Budweiser supporters.


The response from these die-hard Bud consumers is always enthusiastic.


These devoted Budweiser race enthusiasts hollered and screamed with enthusiasm as Rick entertained and promoted the King of Beers.

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