Welcome To My Magic Carpet Ride…

It seems technology has finally caught up with my life!  I’ve been traveling the world performing magic, seen and done so many things, met so many amazing people, made great friends…and because of my fast-paced life it has been almost impossible to keep in touch with anyone!  E-mails, letters, post cards – so old school – been there, tried that.

So when I explained to my oldest son Greg about the dilemma of keeping in touch with everyone, he figured out how to make it all work for me.  Facebook, blogging, Twitter, RSS, websites, etc.  I was aware of some of these social networking tools, but I’ve never been able to connect all the dots.  Well, thanks to Greg’s help and hard work, the dots are now connected!  I no longer have an excuse for not staying in touch or reconnecting with all the wonderful people I’ve met in my worldly travels.

So hop onto my magic carpet.  Together we can make this an exciting ride!

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