Magic Sells Beer – Creating a Conducive Selling Environment

Part 11 of a Continuing Series…

Okay…I get it. Not only do I get it, but I figured it out over 30 years ago. The reason the A-B Master Illusionist Program has been around for so long is not simply because people love magic (which they do), it’s because magic, when presented properly, sells beer. Bottom line; it needs to contribute to the bottom line!

We now live in a world where people’s perceptions are constantly changing. A major underlying foundation within the art of magic is the understanding of human reaction and perception – psychology. The reason magic is “magic” is because the magician has been taught to manipulate your thought process and convince your mind that an impossibility can happen.

A good salesperson also understands the human psyche. When selling, they demonstrate the benefits, create the want and need, then close the deal. But a great salesperson knows that there is so much more. A great salesperson knows the importance of setting up just the right moment to ask for the sale. A great salesperson is sensitive to psychological cues that a buyer can communicate in non-verbal ways – their eyes, stance, way the hold their arms, subtle gestures. A great salesperson takes all of this into account before they go in for the close. It all comes down to creating the perfect moment to ask for the sale. You can know all the rules of selling on the planet, but you need to understand that timing is more important than technique. A well-timed close trumps technique every time.

So how can magic help to create sales? In a sales setting I use magic to generate a relaxed selling environment. To understand this, you must first, stop thinking of me as a magician and start thinking of me as a sales tool. My job is to assist you in opening the door and creating the right moment for you to ask for the sale.

Magic, when used properly in a sales or marketing sense, can create an environment that is extremely conducive to selling. Magic breaks down psychological barriers and opens the door to hearing sales information in a more receptive environment. If a sales message is properly interwoven into an entertaining magic performance, then buyers have fun and inherently let their guard down. This technique creates a higher degree of willingness and acceptance to hearing your message due to the more open, social environment that was created. So now you know…Yes, magic can sell beer!

Okay…I know this one’s “out there” for some of you. But as I’ve said before, “Magic Sells Beer” is an open forum for sharing ideas and thoughts about the A-B Master Illusionist Program. Soooo…what do you think? I’d like to hear your comments.

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