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Part 7 of a Continuing Series…

Many of our retailers have golf events to benefit a local charity or for their own management. Over the years, I have performed at hundreds of these! My time-tested formulas for performing at golf events have become wildly successful. I can perform on the course itself and/or at the awards lunch/dinner. But before we talk about the specifics, let’s look at why this type of appearance is so impactful.

Retailer golf events offer us a unique opportunity for me to spend an uninterrupted five minutes with everyone on the course. Say a retailer is holding a golf event for their store managers. If you had five minutes to talk to each one of these managers, what would you say? Would you remind them of an upcoming promotion? Let them know about a new package or product sku that just got authorized? How about reminding them about the 250 case display that’s been approved for their store or the new beer that’s now on their restaurant’s menu?

As you can see, there is an enormous opportunity to communicate information in a fun and social environment. It’s non-pressure, entertaining and enlightening!

If it’s a charity golf event, my approach is a little different. I perform street hustler tricks in a tongue-and-cheek way to raise money for the charity. Golfers are told that I’m about to swindle them, and are even shown exactly how my games of deception are played. It’s five bucks to play and if they win, they get a sleeve of new golf balls. If they lose, they win nothing. Either way, the money goes to the charity. People have never had so much fun “donating” to a charity before!

The kicker is that we get to present the money in front of the entire group at the awards banquet. Once again, we’ve separated ourselves from the competition while creating fond and fun memories for everyone on behalf of our brands.

So how in the world can you stick me on a golf course? Basically, you put me on a par 3 or 5 that backs-up. While the foursome is waiting for the golfers ahead of them to get off the fairway or green, there is always about five minutes of undivided attention to entertain these people. It’s during this time that I communicate some product information while performing some magic or swindling them. But most importantly, the time we share is informative, fun and memorable!

“Magic Sells Beer” is an open forum for sharing ideas and thoughts about the A-B Master Illusionist Program. Let me know what you think about utilizing this program at your retailer golf events.

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