Magic Sells Beer – Retailer Management Functions

Part 8 of a Continuing Series…

The A-B Master Illusionist Program offers you relationship-building tools that make a positive impact with your retailers while separating us from our competition. Try NOT to think of me as just a magician – try seeing beyond that and think of me as a unique sales and relationship building tool.

For example, retailer management meetings or internal awards functions are typically closed to venders. But what if you could have an exclusive presence at these private events AND actually be a highlighted guest! This is an opportunity that most vendors can only dream about…but it’s not a dream.

Offer the A-B Master Illusionist to entertain at these retailer events. My show allows A-B to become a focal point to their evening…and best of all, retailers will be thanking YOU for providing unforgettable entertainment!

Of course it would be “appropriate” for an A-B sales representative to accompany me to the event, which would give you exclusive exposure and access to upper management in a social environment. Are you beginning to see the picture?

If there’s a cocktail hour, I can perform strolling magic amongst the group. This can be followed up with a thirty-minute stand-up magic show for audiences up to 200 people. Every fun-filled show subtly promotes our products while also thanking our retailers for their continued support on behalf of Anheuser-Busch and our wholesaler family. The magic show is extremely flexible and adapts to nearly any environment. It can also be custom-tailored to include specific A-B messages and retailer “inside” jokes.

This show can also be worked into a department lunch meeting, or you can combine the show with my hilariously fun version of Surprise Bingo! It’s guaranteed to get everyone jumping to their feet while filling the air with screams of laughter. Surprise Bingo is an outstanding way to kick off any meeting.

What are your thoughts about offering this program to your retailers to be included in their management functions?  “Magic Sells Beer” is an open forum for sharing ideas about the A-B Master Illusionist Program. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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