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Part 9 of a Continuing Series…

At trade shows you need to convey information quickly and memorably. Trade shows offer us a remarkable opportunity to communicate product and sales information to targeted retailers and managers. I believe there are basically five reasons why you should seriously consider utilizing the A-B Master Illusionist Program as part of your overall trade show presence.  It can:

1) Attract people to our booth
2) Communicates sales, marketing and product information in a fun and memorable way
3) Qualifiy leads
4) Can be utilized at peripheral activities and events
5) Creates memorable goodwill

Over the years I have developed several different formal and informal magic trade show presentations that communicate sales and product information. When product sampling is not allowed, I can repeatedly perform 7 minute information-based presentations in the booth that are both entertaining and memorable. This show is designed to work within the parameters of a standard 10 x 10 booth.

When sampling is taking place in the booth, the overall environment is typically more layback and social. My approach here is a bit more one-and-one. I create an inviting selling environment by first briefly entertaining convention-goers. This does four things:

1) It breaks the ice and lightens the mood
2) During this time I can qualify the lead (key account, new account, decision maker,
size of account, etc.)
3) Once this is ascertained, this person is either guided in the appropriate direction or,
in many cases, I can answer basic questions myself.
4) If the customer is introduced to an A-B sales representative, they are already in a
positive and receptive mood to hear product sales and/or marketing information.

Trade shows typically have peripheral activities and events. These include dinners, cocktail parties, special events, galas, golf tournaments, retailer entertainment, etc. All of these activities are typically conducive to a magical appearance, and since my performing fees are based on a daily rate, these “extras” are typically included at no additional cost.

If you’ve been following my Magic Sells Beer series, then you’ve already heard the ‘70’s quote from our Albuquerque, NM wholesaler a bunch of times, “Rick Gerber is more then a magician, he’s a salesman with something up his sleeve!” I continue to repeat this quote, not to boast, but to remind everyone that this program is multi-dimensional and to think of me as more than just a magician. Magic is my tool to promote and sell. (I talk more about why magic works as a sales tool in Part 11 of this series)

“Magic Sells Beer” is an open forum for sharing ideas and thoughts about the A-B Master Illusionist Program. Trade shows are a large part of our overall sales matrix. I would like to hear you thoughts on this subject as they pertain to this program.

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