Rick’s Magic – Rockin’ The Club Scene In China

Who knew so many people in China love to party? The club scene there is full of crazy energy and Budweiser is the ‘King of Beers’! The promotion we planned took table-hopping magic to a whole new level. Check out the video for yourself…

14 thoughts on “Rick’s Magic – Rockin’ The Club Scene In China”

    1. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all hot women, cold Bud, great clubs, fun people…wait a second. That’s EXACTLY what it is! Come to think of it, I love my life too!

  1. I always knew that you were big in China! Wonderful to see your work! You are a real crowd pleaser! They love you!


  2. I need to add this to the”Did You Know???” video clip.
    hey, I want to come back as you!

  3. Just one question, what's inside the bottle when it touches your lips?! Looks like a hell of a time!

  4. The clubs in China are just crazy!! totally over the top! And do you have to bring your own “Cold” ones with you? Most of the beers served are served room temp(yuck!) not “Eng”
    With all the Chaos how do you get anything done? They try too hard to be western!

    1. Yep – TOTALLY over the top! The way I try to get someone to understand what a club in China is like is to imagine a place the size of Costco, turning it into a top Las Vegas club, PACKING it with people…and then take that image in your mind and DOUBLE IT! Even though my promotions appear very chaotic, they are actually VERY well planned and rehearsed. I've learned the hard way what doesn't work. Now it's just a BLAST!

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