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Bud Magician Is A Sales Tool &
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Las Vegas, NV

Golf banquet, trade show, and VIP retailer entertainment.  I was a very busy man for two days at the 7-Eleven Franchisee Convention.

Day one started off at the Bali Hai Golf Course for the 7-Eleven golf event luncheon.  Goodwill was created as I went table-to-table performing Budweiser magic and then followed up with a 15 minute show in front of the group of  about 100 people – including the association’s newly elected President!  As always, at the end of the show I thank everyone for their continued Anheuser-Busch business.  Everyone was very appreciative to A-B for its support.

That night it was off to dinner with the Ben E. Keith National Account Reps and some
VIP 7-Eleven franchisee coalition members.  I was able to keep the evening lively and created a receptive environment for some serious business to be discussed. For more about this subject, check out my article on Creating a Conducive Selling Environment in the “Magic Sells Beer” section of my website.

Day two – time to hit the trade show floor.  Here I attracted customers to the booth with some slight-of-hand wizardry, engaged and educated them about our products and then made sure they were introduced to the appropriate sales rep based on what I learned from our interaction.  Remember, I’m a salesman with something up my sleeve!

That night I entertained again during cocktails and dinner that included Joe Vonder Haar and some key VIP 7-Eleven franchisees.  Again, the evening was a perfect balance of business and memorable fun.

So there you have it.  Leveraging my appearance both on and off the trade show floor maximizes my time to its fullest potential.  Sell hard – play hard.  In the end everyone wins![/fusion_text]

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