New Orleans Magic!

It’s 1:00 AM – sitting in my hotel room in New Orleans and winding down a great day.  I love it when clients listen to my advice and everything falls together.  They get all the glory and I become a hero – which is what it’s all about!

Today I did strolling magic at a party for about 1,200 conventioneers.  That was followed by
more magic during some late night hospitality.  End of the day, everyone knows me and realizes that I am where the fun is! Whenever there’s a group of people laughing hysterically or screaming loudly, somehow I find myself right in the middle.  It’s a great feeling…

Two more days to go – it’s all about the pacing.  Sort of like working a cruise ship. Night one; everyone gets to know you.  Night two; keep the momentum going with fresh material so they keep wanting more.  Night three; the big finale so that they remember me and the fun they’ve had while enjoying my magic.

Amazing what experience does for you…goodnight – zzzzzz

2 thoughts on “New Orleans Magic!”

  1. Steven Georgalas

    Hey man are you selling this? I know it’s been painted a while ago but man I’d love to have it!

    1. Sorry Steve. That photo was of a painting from a local New Orleans artist. Not mine to sell.

      All the best,


      Rick Gerber
      AB Corporate Magician
      A salesman with something up his sleeve™

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