Ft. Hood Community Strong Event

Budweiser Magic Reaches Thousands Of Healing Soldiers

Killeen, TX

A-B’s NRS Military Sales and Jack Hilliard Dist. put together two solid days of The A-B Magic Guy’s appearances as part of Ft. Hood’s Community Strong Event. Day one was spent doing trade calls with the Jack Hilliard Team in the Killeen, TX civilian market. They arranged a solid evening of The A-B Magic Guy promotions for on-premise.

Day two was on-base. With temperatures in the low 40’s, it did not deter the magic from happening at the Ft. Hood Community Strong Event. The day honored and recognized Fort Hood Soldiers, family members and members of organizations from the greater Fort Hood community who came together following the tragic, shooting incident on Nov. 5, 2009. This event was part of an ongoing healing process and provide some much-needed fun and entertainment for the soldiers and local community.

“Budweiser was a major sponsor of this event and Rick’s magic was a perfect compliment. As Rick worked the crowd, it took the brand from merely a name sponsor down to a personal, memorable and interactive level with the soldiers and their families. He performed for thousands of soldiers that day and his magic was a real crowd pleaser. Appreciation was evident everywhere Rick went and we look forward to having Rick back to our market again very soon.”

Jim Schwartz
General Manager
Jack Hilliard Dist.

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