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Trade Shows – Magic Sells Beer

Trade Shows…

Yes, Magic Sells Beer…
Rick Gerber – The Magic Guy, Can Make It Happen!

Rick Attracts A Trade Show Crowd
Rick Attracts Trade Show Crowds

This Program is in sync with A-B’s Trade Show objectives:

Impact & Influence our Retailers
Emphasize A-B’s strength as Category Captain
Attract people to the booth
Communicate sales, marketing and product information
Qualify leads
Create goodwill in a fun and memorable way

At trade shows you need to convey information quickly and memorably.  Especially if you’re presenting within a “Group Rotation” or “No-Serve” environment.  In these situations, Rick performs information-based magic shows repeatedly in the booth. You chose what information you want to communicate and Rick will make sure your message gets heard.
Retailers will be laughing and learning the whole way through!

Ft. Bliss – AAFES Class Six Grand Opening

Bud Light Magic Is A Strategic Hit

Class Six Grand Opening Turns Magical

El Paso, TX

AAFES Senior Management asked A-B if they could help create something special at their phase-one Grand Opening of a $97 million Lifestyle Center at Ft. Bliss that included a showcase Class Six store.  Mark Reale – Sr. Key Account Manager, Military Sales Dept., immediately thought of Rick Gerber – The A-B Magic Guy, and a plan was immediately put into action.

Ft. Hood Community Strong Event

Budweiser Magic Reaches Thousands Of Healing Soldiers

Killeen, TX

A-B’s NRS Military Sales and Jack Hilliard Dist. put together two solid days of The A-B Magic Guy’s appearances as part of Ft. Hood’s Community Strong Event. Day one was spent doing trade calls with the Jack Hilliard Team in the Killeen, TX civilian market. They arranged a solid evening of The A-B Magic Guy promotions for on-premise.

Management Meeting Becomes Magical

NRS Leverages
The A-B Magic Guy
To Help Solidify
Thorntons Relationship

Louisville, KY

I love working retailer meetings. Magic allows us to cut through the clutter and make memorable and lasting impressions at the senior management level. Barry Gray – NRS, brought in to work my magic at Thorntons 1st annual management meeting. After discussing possible opportunities with Barry, we determined that the best way to maximize my appearance was to perform strolling magic during:

Check out this crazy magic trick!

The foundation of magic is based upon the way our mind perceives the information it takes in through our senses. To create magic, magicians manipulate the audience’s perception process. There are no rules or guidelines on how we achieve this. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean…

In the world of two-dimensional video, there are many “tricks” that can be played with our minds. I have a combined background in both magic and TV/Film production, so this video really hits home for me in a very creative way.  Enjoy – this video is truly amazing on many levels!

New Orleans Magic!

It’s 1:00 AM – sitting in my hotel room in New Orleans and winding down a great day.  I love it when clients listen to my advice and everything falls together.  They get all the glory and I become a hero – which is what it’s all about!

Today I did strolling magic at a party for about 1,200 conventioneers.  That was followed by
more magic during some late night hospitality.  End of the day, everyone knows me and realizes that I am where the fun is! Whenever there’s a group of people laughing hysterically or screaming loudly, somehow I find myself right in the middle.  It’s a great feeling…

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