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BL House of Whatever – Spring Break, FL

When it comes to making a strong and memorable brand impression, while also increasing sales, add the A-B Master Illusionist into the mix.

When Rick Gerber makes an appearance, you know that the fun and magic is about to begin. But, as with any great magician, there’s more happening than what meets the eye. In reality, there’s some serious selling going on.

Magic is the tool I use to sell. When used properly, my appearances fuel sales and builds lasting brand relationships.

Off-premise Activations

Looking for a massive off-premise sales lift during major events or holidays? Then incorporate the A-B Master Illusionist into your overall activation plan.

NRS and The Lewis Bear Company brought me in for a four-day activation at Walmart during Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL. Check out this video and see how I helped them reach a new Walmart A-B beer selling sales record!

Use this off-premise activation to help leverage a 250 to 500 case floor display in a prime location for sporting events, grand openings, NASCAR, Spring Break or major summer holidays. Basically any event that draws beer buying consumers into the stores.

Bring the A-B Master Illusionist into your market and find out firsthand why both the retailer and consumer response to this activation is HUGE!

Stagecoach Country Music Fest

Follow Rick Gerber around the Bud Light Tent at the Stagecoach Country Music Fest. as he adds his special brand of BL magic & fun to the party mix.

TX Roadhouse Conference

Follow Rick Gerber around the four-day TX Roadhouse Managing Partners Conference as he adds plenty of Bud & Bud Light magic and fun at pool parties, beach parties, block parties, late-night parties and cocktail parties.

Once again, Anheuser-Busch is the hit of everything party!

Bud Light Georgia Promo Tour

Enjoy this short recap video of my Magical Bud Light five-city tour of Georgia.

A-B is the only corporation in the world that has its own magician. Separate yourself from the competition by leveraging this impactful program to create value, sales and build strong brand relationships with retailers and consumers.

My sincere thanks to the following wholesalers for bringing me in:

  • Southern Eagle – Brunswick, GA
  • A-B Beverage Co. – Augusta, GA
  • Leon Farmer & Co. – Gainesville, GA
  • Southern Eagle – Savannah, GA
  • Johnson Dist. Co. – Valdosta, GA

Trade activations, hospitality, build-a-bar or beer gardens. My appearances make your events fun, memorable and amazing!

Making Friends & Selling Beer – That’s What It’s All About

Key Game

This Key Game is designed to attract crowds, drive sales, qualify leads and educate trade show attendees about your specific product or message.

Designed to be fun, engaging and entertaining, this 7 to 10 minute game can be incorporated into any size booth and can be repeated once per hour.

Bud Light Hotel – 24/7 Party

Gerber Brings His Magic
To The Mega-Exclusive
Bud Light Hotel

VIP Guests Were Amazed All Week

South Beach, FL

BL Hotel

Jamie Foxx, Usher, AVP Volleyball, Jimmy Football, Hooters Girls, Ultimate Fighting, GQ Magazine, tons of parties, DJ’s and Rick Gerber – the A-B Master Illusionist.  Who?  Did you say Rick Gerber? That’s right, once again The A-B Magic Guy was part of the event mix.

Trade Shows – Magic Sells Beer

Trade Shows…

Yes, Magic Sells Beer…
Rick Gerber – The Magic Guy, Can Make It Happen!

Rick Attracts A Trade Show Crowd
Rick Attracts Trade Show Crowds

This Program is in sync with A-B’s Trade Show objectives:

Impact & Influence our Retailers
Emphasize A-B’s strength as Category Captain
Attract people to the booth
Communicate sales, marketing and product information
Qualify leads
Create goodwill in a fun and memorable way

At trade shows you need to convey information quickly and memorably.  Especially if you’re presenting within a “Group Rotation” or “No-Serve” environment.  In these situations, Rick performs information-based magic shows repeatedly in the booth. You chose what information you want to communicate and Rick will make sure your message gets heard.
Retailers will be laughing and learning the whole way through!

Ft. Bliss – AAFES Class Six Grand Opening

Bud Light Magic Is A Strategic Hit

Class Six Grand Opening Turns Magical

El Paso, TX

AAFES Senior Management asked A-B if they could help create something special at their phase-one Grand Opening of a $97 million Lifestyle Center at Ft. Bliss that included a showcase Class Six store.  Mark Reale – Sr. Key Account Manager, Military Sales Dept., immediately thought of Rick Gerber – The A-B Magic Guy, and a plan was immediately put into action.

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