Rick Gerber at the World Famous Magic Castle

I always look forward to spending a week entertaining audiences at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. My fast-paced show combines lots of magic, mischief and OMG!

I first started performing at this special place when I was ten years old, so it’s always awesome to “return home” and perform in front of my friends and peers.

I had SO MUCH FUN performing there last time that I’ve decided to once again start booking my magic show in theaters, at resorts, for charity events and aboard cruise ships. Performing at the Castle reminded me what a joy it is performing these types of shows. As much as I love working trade shows and corporate events that promote products and messaging, performing just for the pure sake of entertainment is a blast!

Here’s a short video clip from some recent Magic Castle shows. Enjoy…

Please note that the Magic Castle is a private members only club.

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Looking for a way to Energize your meetings? Kick it off with a game of Surprise BINGO!

We’re not talking about Grandma’s BINGO – This has a new, fun and exciting twist. It will grab everyone’s attention and start your meetings off with a bang! You’ll literally have everyone leaping up out of their seats and filling the room with laughter.

Check out my Surprise BINGO video and see the reaction for yourself.

It’s easy to implement – All it takes is a phone call. B I N G O !


Monster Energy Trade Show

At trade shows, don’t just participate – DOMINATE! And that’s exactly what I helped Monster Energy do at a recent Circle K trade show.

Once again I delivered fun and results! My trade show magic presentation reminded
Circle K decision makers about Monster Energy’s incentive programs and taught them about two new Monster Energy products.

Beyond the trade show floor I continued building relationships for Monster Energy at lunches, cocktail parties and at an outdoor Monster Energy BMX event.

Driving sales and making friends – that’s what it’s all about!

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BL House of Whatever – Spring Break, FL

When it comes to making a strong and memorable brand impression, while also increasing sales, add the A-B Master Illusionist into the mix.

When Rick Gerber makes an appearance, you know that the fun and magic is about to begin. But, as with any great magician, there’s more happening than what meets the eye. In reality, there’s some serious selling going on.

Magic is the tool I use to sell. When used properly, my appearances fuel sales and builds lasting brand relationships.

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Off-premise Activations

Looking for a massive off-premise sales lift during major events or holidays? Then incorporate the A-B Master Illusionist into your overall activation plan.

NRS and The Lewis Bear Company brought me in for a four-day activation at Walmart during Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL. Check out this video and see how I helped them reach a new Walmart A-B beer selling sales record!

Use this off-premise activation to help leverage a 250 to 500 case floor display in a prime location for sporting events, grand openings, NASCAR, Spring Break or major summer holidays. Basically any event that draws beer buying consumers into the stores.

Bring the A-B Master Illusionist into your market and find out firsthand why both the retailer and consumer response to this activation is HUGE!

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Football Tailgating

The best part about football is TAILGATING! Watch what happens when the Bud Light Magician is let loose on a crowd of Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers fans. You Up For Whatever? Tailgating just became a lot more fun!

Thank you to Lakeshore Beverage for bringing me in. You guys were a blast!

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Golf Events

Have Rick Gerber perform at your next golf tournament. He’s done hundreds of golf activations and knows exactly how to leverage these events to help support your sales initiatives while also making a huge impression with every single golfer!

Recently Rick worked retailer golf events for NRS retailer Food Lion in North Carolina, and also Region 8’s Superior Grocers in California.  Take a look at the impact Rick Gerber can make at your next golf event.

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Fairs & Festivals

If your fair or festival has a beer garden, then think about including some fun and magic into the mix. From ages 21 to 99, Rick Gerber creates memorable brand impressions that people remember for years to come!

The local beer distributor in Grand Island, NE had Rick perform in the Beer Garden at the Nebraska State Fair and in local bars around town. The response was amazing! Check out his short video and see for yourself.

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TX Roadhouse Conference

Follow Rick Gerber around the four-day TX Roadhouse Managing Partners Conference as he adds plenty of Bud & Bud Light magic and fun at pool parties, beach parties, block parties, late-night parties and cocktail parties.

Once again, Anheuser-Busch is the hit of everything party!

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