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Standard Sales of Colorado
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Standard Sales of CO, Pueblo/Colorado Springs brought me into their market with a well planned and well executed schedule.  It included;

  • Ft. Carson Military Base Appearances (AFFES Class 6, Shoppette & PX Store Locations)
  • Off-Premise Customer Appreciation Visits (daytime)
  • On-Premise Trade Call Promotions (evening)
  • Standard Sales Employee Appreciation Show
  • Chamber of Commerce Fund Raiser Event

Rather than going into detail about the time I spent in Standard Sales’ market, I thought Dean’s thank you note would offer a better understanding as to the impact this promotion creates.


I’m not quite sure where to begin, but ”Thank You” so much all your efforts during your visit to our marketplace. You definitely exceeded not only my expectations, but I think everyone that you came in contact with while you were in our market; from retailers, to employees and most importantly our consumers! A great job!

Without a doubt, it was money well spent. I don’t believe any of our other Standard Sales branches have had you in their market. I will certainly make a high recommendation in that they bring you into their respective markets.

We will definitely look to the future and explore ways to have you visit our market once again.

Thank you so much, not only for what you did while you were in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, but “Thank You” for all you do daily in helping us sell Budweiser everywhere!

Dean Doyen
General Manager
Standard Sales Colorado L.P.

To all the people at Standard Sales Colorado who helped make my visit to their market so remarkable, thank you.

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