Ft. Bliss – AAFES Class Six Grand Opening

Bud Light Magic Is A Strategic Hit

Class Six Grand Opening Turns Magical

El Paso, TX

AAFES Senior Management asked A-B if they could help create something special at their phase-one Grand Opening of a $97 million Lifestyle Center at Ft. Bliss that included a showcase Class Six store.  Mark Reale – Sr. Key Account Manager, Military Sales Dept., immediately thought of Rick Gerber – The A-B Magic Guy, and a plan was immediately put into action.

David Medina – General Mgr. of L & F Distributing – El Paso, and Mario Licon – L & F’s Military Sales Supervisor, were the boots on the ground that made everything happen.  Like a well planned military operation, everything was set up, in place, and ready to go for the big grand opening event.

I have to admit, I had never heard of The A-B Magic Guy and was extremely leery about this promotion. But after working with Rick, and seeing the incredible response he gets from everyone that sees him, I’ve become a big believer in this program. Not only is Rick a great magician, but he also promoted Bud Light in a way that consumers and retailers will remember forever. I’m already looking for ways to get Rick back into my market again.

Mario Licon
Military Sales Supervisor
L & F Distributing

Other breweries were at the grand opening as well, but Rick separated A-B from the competition in a big way – it’s almost like he made them disappear!  Rick’s ground assault went from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and included appearances at two Class Six Shoppettes, the Class Six Grand Opening and an appearance at the Bowling Center. AAFES expectations were exceeded and A-B, along with L & F Distributing, ended the day victoriously.

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