Bud Light Hotel – 24/7 Party

Gerber Brings His Magic
To The Mega-Exclusive
Bud Light Hotel

VIP Guests Were Amazed All Week

South Beach, FL

BL Hotel

Jamie Foxx, Usher, AVP Volleyball, Jimmy Football, Hooters Girls, Ultimate Fighting, GQ Magazine, tons of parties, DJ’s and Rick Gerber – the A-B Master Illusionist.  Who?  Did you say Rick Gerber? That’s right, once again The A-B Magic Guy was part of the event mix.

Many times the shear magnitude of major brand-sponsored events don’t allow attendees an opportunity to connect with our brands on a real and personal level.  Rick’s unique approach to magic is designed specifically to fill this void by cutting through the craziness and creating an up-close and emotional bond between attendees and our brands.

All week long, Rick was able to take the HUGE Bud Light Hotel promotion and bring it down to a very personal, experiential, and interactive level for thousands of Bud Light Hotel guests.  When this magical element is blended into the overall promotion, it helps create fun Bud Light memories that will last a lifetime.

Magic was also a great icebreaker for the guests visiting the Bud Light Hotel – for both consumers and retailers alike.  Rick’s magical interaction encourages people to immediately share their unique social experience with others, allowing them to make lots of new friends.

So for your next mega-promotion, don’t forget to add a bit of Rick’s magic. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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