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Port Paradise

Passengers witnessed something amazing aboard the Majesty of the Seas Bud Light Party Cruise. Contest winners responded with smiles and laughter as Rick Gerber, Bud Light Master Illusionist, sailed smoothly around the ship entertaining people with magic everywhere he went.

Using his unique blend of humor, magic and salesmanship, Gerber created personal and emotional Bud Light brand connections everywhere he performed.

Rick’s gale-force performance schedule was as follows:

•  Strolling magic during poolside BL Costume Party (day 1)

•  Bar magic at the Schooner, poolside and casino bars (days 1, 2, & 3)

•  Hosted Bud Light Surprise Bingo (day 3)

•  Strolling magic in the VIP area (days 2 & 3)

Like an experienced ship’s captain, Rick kept a steady hand on the helm as he navigated his way through uncharted waters. “This first Bud Light Party Cruise was a great success. I brought a wide variety of magic material so I could stay flexible and be ready for anything. Everyone was wowed by the magic and Bud Light Surprise Bingo was a huge hit,” says Gerber.


Bud Light Surprise Bingo!


Party-goers being WOWed

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