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Part 10 of a Continuing Series…

NASCAR, golf, horse racing, football, baseball, basketball, World Cup, Olympics, and more. Over the years, sporting events that have an A-B brand presence are typically ideal environments for an A-B Master Illusionist appearance.

These opportunities bring together a wide range of sports enthusiasts. Time and time again, my adaptable style of magic has helped maximize our presence at these events as a proven and memorable way to cut through the local marketing and media clutter.

Typically, sporting events have a multitude of various peripheral activities associated with the event. Once again, because this program is so flexible, it can be implemented in many different ways.  The A-B Master Illusionist Program can be utilized at:

• Hospitality area(s)
• VIP / Consumer parties
• Brand hosted events
• Halftime entertainment
• Concerts
• Spectators sitting in stands
• Campsites
• Trade calls
• Event grounds
• Beer gardens
• VIP Lunches, dinners & activities
• VIP golf event
• Gathering spots – indoor or outdoor

And if your event is taking place on the world stage, my experience has taught me that these major events have a deeply layered grassroots promotion and sales agenda. Because of this, I like to suggest that I be contacted during the early planning stages so I can familiarize myself with all the different elements you are developing.  I can then offer suggestions on how my program can be integrated into your overall event activities. There is no commitment or cost associated for doing this, and of course, all information will be kept confidential.

Sporting events have always played a major role in this program. “Magic Sells Beer” is an open forum, so I would like to hear your ideas and thoughts on how you think the A-B Master Illusionist Program could work with your sporting event.

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